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What Is A Wellness Retreat & What Are The Benefits?

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Everyone is looking to get away and reconnect. Some want to reconnect with their partner. Others want to reconnect with old friends. And many want to reconnect with God. They don’t take a vacation…they choose to take a holistic healing retreat.

What is the Purpose of a Spiritual Retreat?

A holistic healing retreat is a brief voluntary sojourn to a community or place where you can focus on yourself. A true holistic retreat focuses on healing your body, mind, and spirit, providing:

  • Spiritual rejuvenation
  • Mental health reinvigoration
  • Physical health improvement

An OHI holistic healing retreat removes the stressors of daily life so that you can focus on recentering and self-improvement. It also gives you a safe space and supportive community to truly maximize your health and well-being.

5 Life-Changing Benefits of a Holistic Healing Retreat

The benefits of a holistic healing retreat at OHI can be life changing. The overriding benefit of a retreat is the gift of time, allowing you to focus on implementing meaningful change in your life. Whether that change is finding peace in a chaotic world, reconnecting with your spirituality, finding clarity in life, gaining a new perspective, or rebuilding healthy habits, when you give yourself the gift of a healing retreat at OHI you give yourself the gift of time to explore what is most meaningful to you.

1. Find Peace with Deep Relaxation
Deep relaxation is so much more than just unwinding with a good book. It is an active skill that you can learn to gain better control over your body. The object of deep relaxation is to relieve long-standing tension from stress. If your body endures prolonged stress without deep relaxation to break the cycle, it will negatively impact your digestion, reproduction, tissue growth and repair, and immune function. A holistic healing retreat at OHI gives you the opportunity to take classes that promote deep relaxation — Alpha Meditation Techniques, Vocal Toning, and Conscious Breathing. They promote the deep relaxation practices that will help you break the stress cycle for your body. And when you’ve learned to reduce the physical manifestations of stress by embracing deep relaxation, you reduce the emotional response to stress like anxiety, depression, sleep interruption, poor concentration, etc. Better sleep, less anxiety, and less physical tension in the body will bring you peace. And finding true inner peace is at the heart of every OHI holistic healing retreat.

2. Reconnect with Your Spirituality

A holistic healing retreat at OHI gives you time to get reacquainted with God, to examine your priorities in life, and to make concrete and practical resolutions for improvement. Take an Alpha Meditation or Vocal Toning class so you can be present in the moment and hear what God has to say to you. Take an Emotional Detoxification class and discover the healing power of forgiveness. Take a Mental Detoxification class and develop a mindfulness practice for maintaining a positive attitude that facilitates a deeper connection with God — gratitude, affirmations, visualization, journaling, and living in the present. OHI puts spiritual rejuvenation at the very heart of your holistic healing retreat.

3. Find Clarity by Reconnecting with Your True Purpose
Do you find yourself busy but not inspired? If you don’t feel much meaning in your daily life, then you’ve lost your connection with your true purpose. Or maybe your true purpose in life has changed but you haven’t changed your behavior to pursue it. A holistic healing retreat at OHI is the perfect setting to find clarity in your life and reconnect with your true purpose. How? Take the Focus I & II classes to learn how you spend your time, identify your core values, and define goals that support these values to achieve your true purpose in life. Next, take the Vision Boards class to work with the laws of attraction and affirmations to create a visual representation of your optimum life as you pursue your true purpose. All these classes and more help you in your quest for clarity. A holistic healing retreat at OHI will energizing you to pursue a purpose-driven life.

4. Gain a New Perspective by Recentering

Recentering involves taking stock of where you are in life at this very moment. It’s the moment where you stop ruminating about the past or worrying about the future, and just be present, without judgement or regret. A holistic healing retreat at OHI can help you learn how to recenter and gain a new perspective on your life. Our weekly Release Ceremony is a safe and sacred circle of fellowship where you burn a list of anything in the past that no longer serves you well. When you release it up to God, you can be in the present and set positive intentions for the future. Our Mental Detoxification class teaches you how to cancel, reframe, and replace negative thoughts with positive ones to facilitate the healing process. The Your Life Is a Gift class teaches you to let go of unhealthy demands and expectations, change perceptions, and develop new pathways to unconditional love and happiness. All that is positive will become evident, and your laser focus on living a life that embraces all that is good from moment to moment will become a simpler task.

5. Rebuild Healthy, Sustainable Habits

Science says it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to make it part of your lifestyle. When you invest in a holistic health retreat at OHI, we have a wealth of classes that will help you adopt healthy eating habits that will honor your body, and jumpstart your journey to a healthier body, mind, and spirit. Guests rave about our Food Combining class, our Fermented Foods I & II classes, our Dehydrated Foods I & II classes, and our Sprouting Instructions class so you learn the most nutritious ways to fuel your body. Our powerful Digestion and Elimination I & II classes teaches you how to optimize digestion and eliminate toxins so your body thrives. Our Hands On Wheatgrass class and Juicing Instruction class give you the inside scoop on how to put the nutritional powerhouse of wheatgrass to work for you. And our Diet Maintenance class and Entrees & Buffet Preparation class takes everything you’ve learned in the food prep classes and teaches you how to transition to the OHI maintenance diet of 80% raw and 20% cooked food to maintain energy and vitality when you go home after completing your retreat. A healthy holistic retreat at OHI is the perfect place to rebuild healthy sustainable eating habits for a healthier you!

Maximize Your Wellness with a Holistic Healing Retreat at OHI

An OHI holistic healing retreat removes the stressors of daily life so that you can focus on recentering and self-improvement. Our wellness retreats give you the time and education you need to implement meaningful change in your life. Whether that change is learning deep relaxation techniques, reconnecting with God, rediscovering your true purpose, recentering your mind, or rebuilding healthy eating habits, the gift of a healing retreat at OHI promises to be life changing.

At OHI, spend 1, 2, or 3 weeks with us to jumpstart your holistic healing journey. Book your next visit to OHI today, and help your mind heal your body for a lifetime of optimal wellness!

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