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San Diego Wellness Retreat

In OHI’s serene setting, you can escape your hectic world to rejuvenate in a safe place where you can connect with nature and bask in the support of a close-knit community focused on healthy living.


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Want More Information About OHI?

As a long-standing wellness retreat in California, the OHI San Diego mission was established in 1976. The OHI San Diego campus is an oasis of serenity nestled in Lemon Grove – a nearby suburb of San Diego. The 2-acre campus consists of 60 guest rooms, a spacious lawn with comfortable lounge chairs, surrounded by well-manicured gardens where flowers bloom year round.

During your stay, take time to rest in the shade of giant trees. Or visit the chapel to meditate. Explore our organic garden and vibrant greenhouse. Stop at the Optimum Health Store where you can purchase inspirational books, personal care products, and more. Or grab your swimsuit and relax in the spa. Enjoy your time of relaxation and renewal at OHI San Diego – your “home” away from home.

View a map of the OHI San Diego campus. 


Tuition & Fees

New community members: See tuition and fees listed below.

Returning community members: Call for your special pricing: (800) 588-0809

  • Room fees are in addition to program tuition. The program tuition cost covers all classes, meals, materials needed to complete the program. Tuition per week includes Sunday to Sunday.
  • We offer a variety of rooms for a low weekly fee. Rooms are only available to guests participating in our program.
  • Tuition and fees are effective for program participation through June 29, 2024.
  • See our current Special Offers.

Commuters: For those who live close to our San Diego campus – Pay Tuition Only – Enjoy the benefits of the program while sleeping in your own bed each night. The cost of tuition covers all classes, meals, and materials needed to complete the program.

Standard Rooms

Private Bath (Queen Bed)


per week

OHI’s Standard room is both economical and comfortable - perfect for your holistic healing retreat.

These medium-sized rooms include a queen bed and a private bathroom with a shower or bath.

Cost per week:

  • Tuition: $1,775

  • Room Fee: $820

  • Total: $2,595

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Garden Rooms

Private Bath (King or Queen Bed)


per week

OHI’s Garden rooms come in a variety of sizes. Perfect for guests who want to save money without forsaking comfort.

These medium-sized rooms include a king or queen bed and private bathroom with a shower or bath.

Cost per week:

  • Tuition: $1,775

  • Room Fee: $970

  • Total: $2,745

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Courtyard & Bungalow Rooms

Private Bath (King or Queen Bed)


per week

OHI’s Courtyard and Bungalow rooms are our more popular rooms. Overlooking the courtyard and front lawn, these rooms are close to the guest lounge, dining room, classrooms, and spa.

The Courtyard Bungalow and Apartment guest rooms include a cozy bedroom with a king or queen-size bed and private bathroom with a shower or bath.

Cost per week:

  • Tuition: $1,775

  • Room Fee: $1,120

  • Total: $2,895

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Private Bath (King Bed)


per week

OHI’s Suite is our largest accommodation with a living room, private bedroom, and private bath - a haven for your spiritual vacation. The Suite is adjacent to the front lawn and close to the courtyard, guest lounge, dining room, classrooms, and spa.

Located on the ground or upper level, these large-sized rooms include king-size beds and private baths. 

Cost per week:

  • Tuition: $1,775

  • Room Fee: $1,315

  • Total: $3,090

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Our Policies

Room fees are subject to change without notice.


What Guests Are Saying

I have been coming to OHI regularly for over 35 years, and highly recommend the program here. I credit the diet and classes with helping me maintain good health and proper weight all that time. I just feel so much younger than my actual age of 77.
John Worcester
Optimum Health San Diego was an amazing experience, you have to go to yourself to truly appreciate. A perfect environment to relax and allow your body to heal -mind, body, and soul. I would recommend this program to everyone in my life. You owe it to your body to go through a program like this at least once a year. Thank You OHI for an amazing experience, can't wait to come back.
Carlos Gonzalez
I came to reset my health and body. NOT disappointed!!! What a beautiful experience of community supporting each other through the incredible learning process of maintaining a healthy body. I came for one week and my goal is to finish week 2 & 3 in 2024. Greatest gift you can give yourself.
Raylene Brundage

Meet the Staff

OHI facilitator, Alaina Gallegos, smiles as she welcomes you to your wellness center retreat.

Alaina Gallegos


OHI community member since 2015

"I found a true calling working at OHI after an unfulfilling career in International Development and Public Health. When you change your diet, your mind, and align with spirit, transformation truly takes place. It is an honor to hold space for our guests who are courageous enough to do the work it takes to heal and become whole again. This is so much more than just a job; it is a life purpose."

OHI facilitator, Jennifer Inman, helps create world-class wellness and fitness retreats for you.

Jennifer Inman


OHI community member since 2019

"Life is happening in and around us and god is in everything, therefore healing potential is everywhere. Our awareness of this gets so obscured through our routines, distractions and stresses resulting in imbalance and dis-ease. But our bodies are marvelous machines that are constantly repairing themselves; and given an optimal environment, they do this with ease. OHI is a sacred place for people to reconnect to their awareness of the miracle of life through powerful food and faith; and healing is rapid. Working here and witnessing miraculous transformations day after day is medicine for me as well as for all the friends who come here and power up."

OHI facilitator, Grace Wong, helps make OHI one of the best wellness retreats in the US.

Grace Wong


OHI community member since 2013

"I feel honored to be a part of the OHI community…extending support and encouragement to our guests who begin to transform their health and well-being the moment they arrive here. So much of it has to do with the power of community. It’s true that we can do more than we think we can by doing it together. Fellow guests seem to bond quickly…encouraging and inspiring each other. This truly is a blessed place to work!"

OHI facilitator, Carla Boeck, helps you find wholeness at OHI’s wellness and fitness retreats.

Carla Boeck


OHI community member since 2015

“Working at OHI has opened my eyes more to the wholeness of healing beyond just a clean diet. I have met some incredible people since working here and love knowing that all of our team’s efforts help heal our guests. Even after receiving my bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition, I’ve gained so much knowledge here at OHI about how a raw diet heals the mind, body and spirit.”

OHI’s director of guest services, Guillermo Romero, focuses on creating holistic retreats for you.

Guillermo Romero

Director of Guest Services

OHI community member since 2013

"When I first started working at OHI, I didn't realize what I truly signed up for. It didn't take long for me to see the significant difference that OHI makes in peoples' lives. I see that now and want to be a part of it. The connection between the guests and the staff is like a family. I'm so blessed to be part of this wonderful atmosphere. To work here is very fulfilling and rewarding."


OHI San Diego Campus

6970 Central Avenue
Lemon Grove, CA 91945
(800) 588-0809

Our 6 acre campus is nestled in a residential neighborhood in Lemon Grove, CA – a nearby suburb of San Diego. Free parking is available in our securely gated community.

For transportation from San Diego International Airport to OHI San Diego, we recommend using Orange Cab and request the special flat rate of $35.00. Orange Cab phone number: (619) 223-5555 or (619) 291-3333.


NOTE: Optimum Health Institute-San Diego is not a hotel, spa, healthcare facility, business establishment, or public accommodation. Optimum Health Institute-San Diego is a healing mission of the Free Sacred Trinity Church and is tax-exempt, non-profit California religious corporation organized pursuant to California's Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law. Optimum Health Institute-San Diego is organized exclusively for religious purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. The Americans with Disabilities Act provides an exemption for religious organizations. 42 U.S.C. § 12187. Pursuant to this exemption, the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act that address public accommodations and services operated by private entities do not apply to religious organizations or entities controlled by religious organizations, including places of worship.