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Optional Wellness Services at Optimum Health Institute

At OHI, we offer third-party services that - although not essential to our holistic healing program - are made available to enhance your cleansing experience. OHI contracts with qualified third-party professionals and makes these health and wellness services available on-site for your convenience.

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Massage Services

Relax and enjoy one of several types of body work, such as Swedish massage, Zen Shiatsu massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, Reiki, a detox body wrap, or a salt glow treatment for total health and wellness.


Colon Hydrotherapy Services


Colon hydrotherapy – also referred to as colonic irrigation or colonics – is available. A certified colonics therapist using state-of-the-art hydrotherapy equipment and disposable materials will ensure your colonic is given in a healthy and safe manner.

While colonic services are available daily, it is best to schedule appointments in advance, as sessions fill up quickly. Prior to your appointment, you are required to sign a Disclosure and Release Form and pay for your appointment.

Eligibility for Colon Hydrotherapy (in San Diego / Austin )
Optimum Health Enterprises (OHE) is a third-party vendor who provides practice management for licensed medical doctors to supervise colonic services at OHI Austin and OHI San Diego. These local and visiting physicians will meet with you before you receive your colonic to review your medical history, perform a brief exam, and determine your eligibility for colonics, as well as the number of colonic sessions that you are authorized to receive during your stay. The examination fee is $30.

Call to book Colon Hydrotherapy appointments: (800) 588-0809


Chiropractic Services


Discover how your body can heal more quickly when its foundation is aligned properly. You can meet with an experienced chiropractor service partner to discuss ways to improve your general health or treat health issues related to your musculoskeletal or nervous systems.

The chiropractic approach to healing, which is in alignment with OHI's holistic healing program, focuses on the body, mind, and spirit. As such, your chiropractor will begin by asking you questions about your overall health to determine the best form of treatment.

Many chiropractic treatments deal specifically with adjusting the spine – including the nerves and muscles surrounding it. These adjustments can be effective in reducing neck or back pain, restoring motion to limbs, and providing relief from headaches, ulcers, or digestive disorders. Your chiropractor may also recommend changes in your diet, exercise, and lifestyle to improve your overall health. Experience the benefits of chiropractic care on your journey to optimum health.

Note: We carefully select our third-party service partners; however, our service partners are independently operated and not employees of the OHI. Therefore, Optimum Health Institute is not responsible or liable for actions taken by these service partners or any injury that may result from the provision of these services.

Since our service partners are independently operated from the OHI holistic healing program, reservations for services are made separately from your program and room reservations.