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Toning: Harness the Power of Sound to Heal

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Vocal toning is a mental and physical workout that can help you achieve peace of mind. The sound waves vibrating through your vocal cords have been shown to produce beneficial effects on both the brain and body, which makes it one way to quiet an anxious spirit while also reaching deep down inside for balance in this chaos-filled world we live in today.

What Is Vocal Toning? Toning is a gentle form of sound healing that helps us to heal on all levels by using certain notes and vowel sounds. The vowel sound is held for a certain number of minutes at the same pitch, unlike singing where you may vary the pitch. While there are multiple types of sound-based meditation techniques, those using a person’s own voice have been found the most effective. As the tones are sung, the chakras or our body centers respond. Using sound to resonate each center helps to “charge” those areas by increasing circulation, energy, and vitality. Quantum physics is suggesting that possibly disease in the body originates with disturbances in the electromagnetic field. Toning 3-5 minutes at each energy center helps “smooth out” the energy fields.

Getting Started in Vocal Toning. Once you learn about vocal toning and how to use it, you can incorporate it into your private or group meditation sessions. Guided meditation classes are the best way to learn vocal toning and then the techniques learned can be practiced at home with CDs to provide a peaceful, soothing background melody for your sound healing experience.

Who Uses It? More and more and more people are finding healing through vocal toning. Sound healing has become a popular and well-respected field in mind-body medicine. Some pioneers in this field are: Steven Halpern, Jonathon Goldman and David Ison. The Optimum Health Institute uses the CD, Sing the Body from Dorian Carter in their toning class. You can order this CD by calling the Optimum Health Store: (800) 588-0809

Vocal toning is one of the many classes incorporated into the body-mind-spirit healing program at OHI. These teachings take place through three-week-long courses that can be taken independently or consecutively. Visit our website at www.optimumhealth.org, and call us at (800) 588-0809 to make your reservation.