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Setting Prayers in Motion

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Sunrise.  Sunset.  Seasons.  Tides.  Planting.  The Rains.  Harvest.

The Earth has a sacred rhythm that flows through all of creation, including each of us.  The further removed we are from the rhythms and flow of Earth’s energy, the more out of balance we become.  The more connected we feel to this flow, this divine heartbeat of life, the closer we become to God.

That’s why moving meditations, where we’re consciously breathing and directing our bodies in rhythm with our mind and spirit, are an ancient and powerful method of prayer in cultures around the world.  These moving prayers anchor us to the Earth, and set our Chi, or life energy, in synergistic motion with the planet.

One example of prayers in motion is the Native American powwow.  The heart-beat rhythm of the drum calls to the dancers, and their silver jewelry sparkles in the sunlight as they move in unison around the arena, holding feather fans against their beaded tunics. The women and men stomp, weave and turn in perfect rhythm to the same traditional songs their ancestors did.

This timeless gathering of Native Americans is not a “dance” – rather it’s prayer in motion, a moving meditation to celebrate the Earth and express gratitude to the Creator for their many blessings.

Another example of moving meditation as a spiritual observances is the Sufi Whirling Dervish dance, started by devotees of the Persian poet and theologian Rumi.

The ancient practices of yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong are all about specific stretches and moves to circulate Chi throughout the body, and mindful breathing to align body, mind and spirit in a meditative state.

Since the Renaissance, churches and cathedrals have frequently included labyrinths laid into the floor to provide a pattern for priests and parishioners to walk along in a prayerful state.  This, and all the other types of moving meditation, can facilitate the user entering more quickly into a contemplative alpha state.

We at the Optimum Health Institute (OHI) believe prayer is one of the most important spiritual disciplines we can practice. Whether it’s gathered with others in a circle before mealtimes, or cloistered in your own thoughts as you have a private conversation with God, or a moving meditation, like a contemplative walk around the grounds or an exercise class – all these forms of prayer and meditation deepen your connection to God.

In fact, any time you start to lose your sense of the rhythms of the Earth, do your mindful breathing, and start putting your prayers in motion.  It’s a time-honored, sacred way to get back into balance, and renew your connection to God.

When your body, mind, and spirit are aligned, you can achieve good health. If you are looking for a holistic healing program, in San Diego or Austin, visit Optimum Health Institute .  We can help you achieve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health. Call us at (800) 993-4325 to learn more.