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Scholarship Spotlight: Pete Stevenson Thanks OHI for Saving His Life

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At age 35, Pete Stevenson was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, with a 7-inch tumor pressing against his heart and lungs. He underwent 6 months of chemotherapy, 26 rounds of radiation, and debilitating immunotherapy that left him physically and emotionally spent. In December 2023, he learned new tumors had formed in his lungs and liver.

Pete turned to OHI for help and was awarded a scholarship. Arriving in January 2024, Pete held grim expectations for his future, but several profound experiences sparked a transformation. Attending OHI's Mental Detox and Emotional Detox classes, Pete opened to the power of self-healing. His catharsis was so profound that he suddenly held a deep belief that he would survive cancer. By day nine, the cancer pain in his chest and back had vanished. In a burst of vitality, Pete laced up his running shoes, reveling in a freedom he hadn't felt in years.

Upon returning home, Pete committed to a strict raw plant-based diet, stress reduction, and regular juice fasts. Through daily Alpha meditation sessions, he visualized a vibrant future, free from disease.

“I clearly visualized the possibility of a cancer-free life,” Pete said. “My oncologist would announce the retreat of my cancer, and my wife, Tash, and I would embrace in celebration.”

The power of these new practices led to something miraculous. After completing the OHI 3-week program Pete’s PET scan revealed five out of six nodules in his lungs had disappeared. The remaining tumor had shrunk significantly.

Pete hopes to serve as a beacon of inspiration for those considering the OHI program. “I am proof that the program works,” said Pete.

"OHI isn't just a retreat," he said. "It's a new beginning, a second chance. Whatever you're facing, take the leap of faith and go to OHI. "It may very well save your life." 

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