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Scholarship Recipient Leans on Fellowship in her Health Opportunity

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Mac MacEwen has found her life is filled with the kindness of others.  “In 2019, I found a lump,” Mac said.  “Doctors told me I had an aggressive lymphoma that required immediate surgery, high dose chemotherapy, and radiation.  I had just met Jordan, the love of my life, and he was the first person I called after my diagnosis.  Upon hearing the news, all he said was, ‘What a great opportunity for us to get to know each other.’  I moved forward with traditional cancer treatment, and while it was successful, it really took a toll.  I knew that I needed nutritional support to help me fully recover.  One day I stopped in a gallery in New Mexico, and started chatting with the owner.  We discovered we both had lymphoma, and she suggested OHI.  My previous employers, Robin Connell and Mary Catherine Casey, generously sponsored my first 2-week stay at OHI.  The food was very cleansing for me, but I found myself sick for nearly the entire first week as I detoxed from all the chemo.  I began to ‘wake up’ the second week, but I could tell my spirit needed to catch up from all the trauma.  I wanted to undertake a second stay at OHI to focus on my spiritual healing.  All of the staff at OHI were so supportive, and helped facilitate a scholarship for my return.”

Mac returned home, and put in the work to implement the OHI lifestyle.  “I began growing and juicing my own wheatgrass, and fermenting Rejuvelac,” said Mac.  “Four months later, I returned to OHI for two weeks, and was able to participate more fully because I was feeling so much better.  The fellowship of the OHI program is so important to me.  Just hearing other people’s stories and sharing my own is very healing.  I discovered a lot in Danielle’s Mental Detox class, and was able to see some of the ways I had been limiting my own healing.  Without the scholarship from OHI, I definitely would not be here today.  I am deeply grateful to OHI for the opportunity to attend on scholarship.  THANK YOU!”

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