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Jacquie Solomon, OHI Scholarship Recipient, Faces a Health Opportunity with Courage

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“Many people living in San Diego know OHI,” said Jacquie Solomon, a recent OHI scholarship recipient. “It has a wonderful reputation. It wasn’t until I faced my own health challenge that OHI became so pivotal in my life. In 2022, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma. I took a fall, lost consciousness, and hit the back of my head. I spent a week in the hospital. My memory was fuzzy, my balance was off, my energy was completely depleted, and I needed a walker to get around. I couldn’t afford OHI, but I didn’t know where else to turn. My son reached out to OHI and detailed my health status. They were generous enough to provide me with a scholarship, and I immediately booked a 3-week stay. The first week, my energy was so low that I only left my room to eat. The second week I started to come around. My energy was up, I didn’t need the walker quite so much, and I was able to attend some classes. The third week I felt like a different person. I went to every class I could. I didn’t use the walker at all, and my energy was greatly improved. I was thrilled!”

Jacquie took advantage of her renewed energy to immerse herself in the OHI curriculum.  “There’s just so much to learn about a raw plant-based diet,” said Jacquie.  “And the stretching in the lymphatic exercise class helped me stabilize my balance again.  The staff and the guests were all so supportive and kind.  They made me feel like I can conquer anything!”

So how has Jacquie’s health journey progressed now that she’s home from OHI?  “OHI gave me a helping hand when I was at my lowest,” said Jacquie.  “Up until my cancer diagnosis, I had been very independent.  The next thing I know, I have no business, no income, and no energy.  OHI threw me a lifeline and taught me how to face my health opportunity.  Now I have a better outlook on life.  The OHI scholarship made my wellness journey possible.  Thank you OHI, from the bottom of my heart!”

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