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Logynn Arthur, OHI Scholarship Recipient, Embraces Wellness

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Logynn Arthur had long been a wellness devotee, but it was his parents’ health opportunities that spurred him to first visit OHI. “My parents both had health issues. A friend encouraged them to visit OHI, but they were hesitant. When I was diagnosed with Basel cell skin cancer, I wanted to give my body a complete metabolic reset to battle it. I booked a week at OHI to kickstart my own health reset as well as to show my parents that the program works and is safe. After one week, I could feel my body healing, but I needed more time at OHI. I applied for a scholarship to cover an additional 2-week stay to complete the program. Finishing the program made ALL the difference. Those last two weeks deepened my detox and accelerated my healing. Taking the third week courses empowered me to take the program home and continue the healing process. I left feeling the best I have felt in my entire life and have never had a reoccurrence of skin cancer since. I owe it all to OHI and the generosity of scholarship donors. Without the scholarship, I would never have been able to get myself on this amazing path to wellness. I am forever grateful!”

Logynn was particularly impressed with the educational component of his OHI experience. “To me, OHI was an oasis in a world of health carelessness,” said Logynn. “Before OHI my healthy meatless diet had devolved to junk food vegetarian. OHI showed me how food and spirituality intersect in my life. It is SO much easier to meditate when I am eating mostly living food. There is a drastic difference in my focus and concentration if I consume things other than a plant-based diet. That was life-changing for me. The Mind-Body Connection class taught me how much our attitudes and belief systems play into overall health. My family and I now visit OHI each year as our annual healing and cleansing protocol. The scholarship made my wellness journey possible, and my healing inspired my family’s own wellness journeys here. THANK YOU OHI from all of us!”

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