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Scholarship Recipient: Darcia Smith Finds Kindness at OHI

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Darcia Smith knew something was wrong. “I had hearing loss in my right ear, headache pain so severe that it made me nauseous, and my face was too tender to even touch,” said Darcia. “Doctors kept telling me it was just a sinus infection. When the right side of my face, mouth, and tongue went numb, the diagnosis came back Nasophayngeal Carcinoma, which is an inoperable cancerous tumor in my nasal passage. They recommended chemo and radiation. I prayed on it, and instead started a vegan regiment. That choice led me to meet Karyn Calabrese, the owner of Karyn’s Plant-Based Kitchen. I shared my diagnosis with her, and she told me about OHI. OHI blessed me with a scholarship. To God be the Glory!”

While traveling to OHI, Darcia got sick and had to isolate in her room for a week. Even though she was alone, she never felt lonely because her connection with the staff and guests was profound. “I couldn’t have imagined how kind everyone would be to a stranger,” said Darcia. “I felt so loved and cared for. The kitchen staff would leave heartfelt notes on my food tray. The facilitators knew I liked jigsaw puzzles, so they dropped off puzzles at my room. I could feel everyone praying for me.”

After spending four weeks at OHI, Darcia’s health improved drastically. “I no longer take pain meds twice a day for headaches, the feeling is completely restored to the right side of my face, mouth, and tongue, my nasal passages are open and clear (I can blow my nose!), my blood pressure is 118/64 with no meds, and the sciatic nerve pain that I’ve had for three years is gone. God did His thang!”

Darcia has nothing but praise for OHI. “The OHI scholarship was instrumental in saving my life. THANK YOU! I hope everyone who reads this article will give OHI a try. Your life is a gift, and they can help you make the most of it. There is love, joy, and peace at OHI, and I plan to be a missionary there one day.”

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