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Missionary Spotlight: Get to Know OHI Missionary, Breanne Scott

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Breanne Scott first discovered OHI when a client challenged her to attend.  “He didn’t tell me anything about it, but challenged me to go,” said Breanne.  “I went to the San Diego campus in 2009, and loved it so much I’ve never stopped coming.  Every time I walk in those doors, I look forward to the reset, the sense of calm, and the feeling of being closer to God.”

Breanne was a very successful medical sales rep in Michigan, California, Texas, and Florida for 15 years.  She has always been active and healthy, crewing on competitive sailboats, going to the beach, and working out.  “My first visit to OHI was very eye-opening,” said Breanne.  “After detoxing, I suddenly felt better and more clear-minded than I had in my entire life.  I lost 8 lbs, and it changed my relationship with food.  I became aware of how the nutritional density of foods make me feel.  I felt so much better after eliminating sugar and gluten.  I now eat foods with very few ingredients, and incorporate fermented foods like raw sauerkraut.  I even make my own kombucha.  It makes my body feel great!”

Over the years, Breanne has spent 13 weeks as a guest with OHI.  “I absolutely love the feeling I have on Friday/Saturday/Sunday of Week 1,” enthused Breanne.  “The people you meet at OHI become life-long friends because it is the only place where you can open up, be vulnerable, and still feel safe.  This is a no judgment zone.  The deep feeling of community and fellowship found here just doesn’t exist in the outside world.  What I experience at OHI is what I would like to experience every single day of my life.  That’s where the missionary program came in.”

Breanne made a huge change in her life to be part of the OHI missionary program.  “Every time I’m here I always want to stay longer,” said Breanne.  “The last time I was here as a guest, I had an epiphany that maybe I shouldn’t be trying to implement OHI into my life at home, but rather I should be trying to implement myself into OHI.  So after applying and being accepted, I resigned from my job in medical sales, found a friend to live in my home and tend to my rental property, and drove here.  I’m now letting things unfold as they will.  I have successfully surrendered to not controlling the outcome, and it’s liberating!  For anyone who has the OHI missionary program on their bucket list, I guarantee when you invest months here instead of weeks, you will deepen your spirituality and get closer to God.”

Many who have been a part of the OHI Missionary Program say it has forever changed them.  “I really like how long your stay is with the missionary program,” said Breanne.  “It gives me a chance to go deep into the detox, focus on spiritual quests, and even take a deeper look at some of my personality traits to identify what serves me and what should be let go.  It’s never easy to change, but with sufficient time, the right focus, and of course a supportive environment, it can happen.  It took me two weeks just to get out of my ‘fight or flight’ mode, which has been my continuing state of mind for the last four years.  That was the ah ha moment for me.  I don’t want to live like that anymore, and I realized that being in the missionary program is where I belong in this moment of my life.  No looking back.  I feel less worry about what the future holds.  Now I can fully invest myself in getting to know each and every guest, and supporting their healing journeys.”

Breanne’s time in the missionary program has changed her in so many ways.  “I’d describe myself as a ‘doer’ because I like to take action, step up, and get things done,” said Breanne.  “I enjoy being of service, and doing a good job.  Being part of the missionary program has expanded my mindset about being of service, and now I include stepping up for myself as a priority.  I want my life to be more calm and holistic, and being in the missionary program is giving me the time and space to examine my life and make changes.  Achieving optimal health is worth the work.”

Breanne’s last bit of advice for those considering a stay at OHI is simple but profound.  “Let thy food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be thy food,” said Breanne.  “I have learned so much from my time in the missionary program at OHI, but it all boils down to appreciating the power of raw dark leafy greens.  I have seen people face the most overwhelming health opportunities here.  The healing power of food is truly inspiring.”

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