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Missionary Spotlight: Get to Know OHI Missionary, Dr. Olga Zabora

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Dr. Olga Zabora’s life moved toward a vegan lifestyle after she first came to OHI.  “My friend spoke so highly of OHI,” said Olga, “so I decided to check out their detox program.  I had gone through five different detox programs prior to finding OHI — water fasting, keto, herbal, Ayurvedic, and microcellular detox.  The OHI detox program is amazing.  I fell in love with the plant-based lifestyle, and went on to write a book to inspire others to embrace raw vegan diet.  Eating vegan can be tasty, juicy, and full of life.  I would never have predicted this journey for myself, and I love it!”

Olga holds a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology, and is a Certified Master NLP Coach and NLP Trainer.  “My passion lies in helping women to become aware of their own resources by bringing up the best parts of themselves to guide them gently through their conscious transformation into the best and happiest versions of themselves,” said Olga.  “It is possible to change with genuine desire, commitment, and courage.  I came to OHI, and it changed me for the better!”

When Olga first came to OHI, she had joint pain and inflammation.  “After just one week, my joint pain was gone, and I was seven pounds lighter.  I realized that I needed to learn how to prepare foods properly to bring the OHI program home with me.  I gave my kitchen a makeover, setting up a juicer, blender, dehydrator, etc.  I came back to OHI for a week to focus on learning how to sprout and ferment foods.  I have so much more energy after eating clean.  I never had to turn to coffee, which previously was a MUST for me.  I came back to OHI for a third week to expand my experience with the art of dehydrating foods.  That’s when I decided that I needed to apply to become a missionary.  The more time I spent at OHI, the more I learned.  Plus, the energy here made me feel safe, supported, and welcomed.  This campus is like the hidden gem of San Diego!”

So what made Olga choose to participate in the OHI Missionary Program?  “The missionary program gives you the time and space to serve the community as well as yourself,” said Olga.  “As a missionary you are there to guide other guests, share your wisdom and experience, and help them on their healing journey.  It creates this beautiful interconnected family at OHI.  But serving as a missionary also gives you time to really dig into the vegan lifestyle, creating a deeper connection to yourself, your body, and your mind.  Living at OHI for three months as a missionary also allows your body to regularly experience healing modalities like energy healing sessions, massage, organic food, and anti-inflammatory food for an extended period of time.  I had such a great experience as a missionary, that the next year I applied to come back again.  In my opinion, OHI is the best place to de-stress, connect with likeminded individuals, and meet your tribe.  It’s truly a blessing to be a missionary here.”

Many who have been a part of the OHI Missionary Program say it has forever changed them.  “The missionary program gave me the opportunity to heal deeply inside,” said Olga.  “Being part of this tribe, and witnessing other guests’ healing miracles every Friday during testimonials is so inspiring.  I hope my testimonials have inspired others, as well.  Being a missionary allowed me to connect to my true self, and in return I’ve helped others learn to accept and love themselves.  It’s a magical experience.”

Olga really loves the fact that OHI’s classes are always being updated and expanded with new information and new recipes. “All of the classes are great, but the class that truly changed my life is Pray, Eat, Live. It inspired me to continue this lifestyle, and share my love for raw vegan healthy food with others.”

Olga’s two placements in the OHI Missionary Program have given her the space needed for personal growth as well. “The biggest challenge that I overcame was to stop trying to control and start trusting the process of life. When you truly trust, the life flow takes you to the right place, at the right time, with the right people. In psychotherapy we say, ‘You can’t lead your client further than where you have not been yourself.’ So the further I travel in my personal growth and development, the more I’m present for my clients to help create positive changes and transformation. I think the best advice I have for others is to eat healthy, pray every day, and look deep inside through contemplative practices like meditation, prayer, and reflection. And of course, come to OHI to connect to your authentic self. Wishing everyone deep healing on your life journey!”

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