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Lesser Known Benefits of Colon Cleansing

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At OHI, our three-week program teaches the importance of proper ingestion, digestion, and elimination as the basis of a healthy body, mind and spirit! It’s important to put an emphasis on a happy healthy colon and the role that colon cleansing plays in your overall health and well-being. Here are a few of the lesser-known benefits of colon cleansing:

1. Immune System

As much as 70% of the immune system’s optimum function can be driven by how well the colon functions.

2. More Energy

Colon cleansing clear toxins out of the body. This process can help naturally improve circulation in the bloodstream, which means better oxygen flow and increased energy levels.

3. Healthier Skin

High levels of body toxins take a toll on your organs, including your skin. Many people report clearer, brighter, healthier-looking skin after colon cleansing treatments.

4. Weight Loss

As your body strains to fight off toxins, your body’s other natural energy functions slow down. This includes your metabolism. Getting rid of burdensome toxins means allows your body to refocus that energy on boosting your metabolism and helping you burn off excess weight.

5. Reduced Acid Levels

Regular colon cleansing will help restore the body’s natural alkaline levels and create a healthier balance.

6. Better concentration

A study by the Harvard Medical School on the “Gut-Brain connection” found that an unhealthy intestine can send disruptive signals to the brain which can impair focus and hamper the ability to concentrate. Colon cleansing can help to clear up that fogginess and keep you a bit throughout the day.

OHI promotes colon cleansing as one aspect of a healthy, well-balanced life. We invite you to book a retreat at OHI and experience the many benefits of being clean from the inside-out!

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