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Guest Spotlight: Meet Paula Hansen, a “frequent flyer” at OHI San Diego!

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Sometimes your life takes a fortuitous turn by the smallest of chance encounters.  “I went to a personal growth workshop, and spent a lot of time talking to this other workshop participant,” said Paula Hansen.  “OHI happened to come up in our conversation.  We both knew a little about it, but neither of us had ever done the program.  He and I kept in touch over the course of the next year, texting every now and again.  One day I texted him to say hi, and he texted me back just two sentences.  ‘I’m at OHI.  YOU SHOULD COME!’  I felt like those words just reached out and grabbed me.  I had been thinking about how to take better care of my body and my life, and I was really drawn to the OHI program.  Now here was someone that was actually on the OHI campus telling me to come.  I felt like I just had to do it right then.  So I did.”

Paula made her first visit to OHI San Diego ten years ago in 2012.  “That first visit was amazing,” enthused Paula.  “I really felt like I had been struggling with an addiction to sugar and white flour, and even though I knew how bad it was for me, I just couldn’t kick the habit and eat healthily.  Being at OHI for a week made everything click for me.  I didn’t feel like the detox was difficult.  The cleanse made my body feel so much better, and the raw food diet just made sense.  It was such a relief not to feel bad about what I was eating.  And the OHI program was about so much more than food.  The classes helped me feel more connected to a spiritual life.  I was filled with gratitude.  My heart was more open and loving.  I just felt more at peace than I had in a very long time.”

Paula has been back to OHI 20 times.  Wow!  Now that’s a true OHI Frequent Flyer!  “I go for a week whenever I feel like I need a healthy reboot,” said Paula.  “I absolutely love the biology classes on digestion and elimination.  Doing the cleanse helps my body reorient toward health – I actually crave salad instead of pasta, and the classes help me understand why!  The science information in the classes helps keep me in a healthy groove.”

Paula also appreciates the mental health support at OHI.  She was already experienced in using journaling, meditation, and imagery in her practice on her personal path of healing, so the positive thinking and alpha state exercises really appeal to her.  “OHI has helped me grow to be my best self” said Paula.  “I use my weeks at OHI as a healing retreat to connect more deeply with my true nature.”

One of the things that Paula loves most about OHI is the amazing people she meets.  “I don’t feel like I’m struggling on my own anymore,” Paula said.  “OHI has my back, and the other guests that I’ve met there are like my family.  OHI community members have such open hearts, and are so loving and supportive and accepting.  They’ve all taught me to love myself.  I am truly happier because of OHI.”

Paula has two favorite ceremonies she looks forward to during every OHI visit.  “I absolutely love the Wednesday release ceremony,” said Paula.  “I feel so much stronger every single time I go through it.  And the Friday morning testimonial where healings are revealed and celebrated is such a blessing to be a part of.  Every story is a triumph of the human spirit.  I feel truly inspired with every testimonial that is shared.”

Paula acknowledged that her sugar and white flour addiction may have been the impetus for first coming to OHI, but it wasn’t the only challenge she was meant to overcome.  “Through OHI I have learned so much about healing from trauma,” Paula said.  “Just as the body can heal, your psyche can heal as well.  I would never have thought that possible before now, but my journey has revealed that truth to me.  What a gift!”

Paula was eager to share some closing words of advice.  “I would never have been able to grow as much as I have if it weren’t for OHI,” she said.  “If I have one piece of advice it’s to have the courage to do something you’ve never done before.  Be open to opportunities.  If I hadn’t listened when my friend said ‘YOU SHOULD COME,’ I can’t imagine where my life would be right now.  All the help and resources are just waiting here at OHI for you.  Say yes to it all, and be willing to be vulnerable.  When you open yourself up to healing, your life will change for the better!

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