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Guest Spotlight: Meet Laura Zook

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Laura Zook was introduced to OHI at a very young age through an extremely challenging health opportunity. “Thirty years ago, when I was in college, my boyfriend was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma, and given from six weeks to six months to live,” said Laura. “We heard about OHI, and my boyfriend went there for three weeks.

I went with him and stayed for the first week. We did the detox cleanse together. I really feel that the detox and the colonics were a huge factor in slowing the growth of his cancer, and that the wheatgrass juice was paramount in his health journey. He used wheatgrass to heal his surgery scars. He ultimately survived metastatic melanoma, and that is no small feat. My initial immersion into the OHI program was not about me at all, but it ultimately was pivotal to my own health journey. The holistic view of optimal health — tending equally to the body, mind, and spirit — really resonated with me. And I found the support of the OHI community was just so powerful. It changed my life and gave me this laser focus on tending to my own health in as many ways as possible. I don’t just eat clean. I don’t just exercise. I don’t just meditate. I do ALL of these things and MORE because I want to live the longest, healthiest life possible.”

Laura was a guest at OHI three more times. Fifteen years ago, she brought her father to OHI while he was facing a health challenge from lung cancer. In 2020 she came to OHI to heal herself from the chronic pain of fibromyalgia. And in 2023 she came to OHI as a retreat to work through the grief of having recently lost her sister suddenly. “To me, OHI is a community of resources,” said Laura. “Over the years, they have helped me connect the dots in working through the cancer diagnoses for my boyfriend and father, as well as in my own quest for knowledge about my fibromyalgia. Just talking to staff members or other guests has given me real insight that my own doctors didn’t provide for me. If there’s one takeaway from all my visits to OHI it is that you should never give away your power to heal yourself to others. You need to take ownership of your own health journey, thoroughly educate yourself as to how the body works and how nature heals, and then seek out alternative, holistic therapies to address any health opportunities you may face. You can live a life with even more vitality and longevity. You just have to find what works for you.”

Laura credits OHI as the force that empowered her to face her chronic health challenge. “OHI taught me that you’ll have so much more control over your health if you make intentional choices,” said Laura. “I can’t say I love drinking wheatgrass juice, but I know how much better my body feels when I do, so I intentionally choose to drink wheatgrass juice. I intentionally choose to eat a clean, raw diet as well as choose alternative therapies like sound therapy and electrotherapy to address my inflammation and pain, and those intentional choices mean I no longer take any meds for my fibromyalgia. I believe the body is divinely designed to heal itself, and that God is the healer. I opened myself to His healing and also put in the hard work that supports better health. I pray and meditate. I eat living foods and drink living water. I make chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy part of my health routine. And last, I spend time with people who have good energy. I avoid negativity or drama in my life, and I think I’m all the healthier for all of it.”

Laura has made a pledge to herself to go back to OHI regularly. “I feel at peace when I’m at OHI,” said Laura. “All of the guests and staff are like-minded, awake to the toxins in the environment and the need to take time to make better choices for their bodies and breathe. And the classes are nothing short of magical. The vocal toning class is my favorite. The first time I took that class, after having suffered head trauma in a car accident, the vibrations went right to the source of my injury. That deeper healing experience was transformative and incredible.”

Laura recommends OHI to everyone. “It is a huge blessing to take the time to invest in yourself,” said Laura. “Go to OHI and reconnect with your body. Whether you are facing a health opportunity or looking to lose weight or just want to pivot to a healthier lifestyle. It’s all right here for you. Your health will improve by leaps and bounds if you give yourself this opportunity.”

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