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Guest Spotlight: Meet Jo Makous, a 30-year veteran guest of OHI!

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Jo Makous considers OHI to be her happy place. “I have been a guest at OHI more than 25 times over the last three decades,” said Jo. “I have stayed here for six weeks on a couple of occasions. I have been a long-term guest for three months on two occasions, and I have been a missionary twice — once for three months and once for almost six months. For me, I feel more grounded just driving through the gates. I genuinely feel a spiritual connection to this place.”

Jo’s first visit came after she had recently given birth. “I had given birth three times in just three and a half years,” said Jo. “I had lost most of the baby weight, but my equilibrium was off, and my energy level was lower than before my three pregnancies. My body needed a reset and REST, and my friend suggested OHI. OHI had two houses down at the beach, so I rented both houses and I stayed in one with my three little girls and my girlfriend and her daughter stayed in the other house. We brought a nanny to help care for the kids during the day while we were on campus taking classes. I strictly adhered to the program for three weeks, and took longs walks on the beach with my children every day. When I first arrived, I could barely walk a mile. By the time I finished the program, our family walks on the beach lasted two hours. I felt like I was in a completely different body! It was exactly the reset I needed, and I have been coming back ever since. Every time I visit, I look forward to an increased consciousness of how healthy eating nourishes my body, mind, and spirit, and to the joy of taking time for myself within a kind community.”

After spending so many years at OHI, Jo had some fascinating insights to share. “My favorite part of OHI has always been Friday morning testimonials,” said Jo. “Not only have I heard incredible stories of healing over the years, but week in and week out without exception I have always heard people describe the OHI community as kind, thoughtful, gracious, loving, and inclusive. I want to conduct myself in a way so that no matter where I go people think of me as kind. After all the education and experiences I’ve had here at OHI, I honestly believe that what we put into our mouths directly impacts what comes out of our mouths. If we all start by being kind, gracious, and loving to ourselves and put only healthy food into our bodies, then that gives us the foundation to go out into the world and treat others in a kind, loving and gracious way. I try to think of myself at the top of the food chain, and below me are my family, friends, and work associates. When I feel healthy and happy, I treat everyone kindly. Eating healthy food keeps me on a path of kindness, and that’s the essence of the person that I strive to be.”

Jo has been to OHI so many times, and she knows the curriculum well. “I can honestly say that every time I come to OHI there is more to learn,” said Jo. “While I have visited many times, I always take the classes again, even the first week classes. The more I learn about the effects of food on my body, mind, and spirit, the better I am at keeping my food choices on a healthy path. Knowledge is power. While my purpose has certainly changed over time — from pursuing an education to raising a family to focusing on my career — I know my focus must remain on eating healthy for me to be able to reach any of my goals.”

Jo has found her recent time at OHI to be even more healing than ever. “I have met so many people that had removed themselves from any type of communal life due to the pandemic,” said Jo. “I believe that visiting OHI is really helping a lot of people heal from that trauma, by reminding them that life in a community is fulfilling, satisfying, and loving. Guests come to OHI hoping to embrace a healthy diet, and the comradery they find here is so healing that they leave feeling spiritually uplifted and excited to rejoin society again. I encourage people to come to OHI for the genuine connection they will feel with others.”

Jo loves to share all she has learned from OHI, but for her it all boils down to one piece of advice. “Eating healthy food dictates how we relate to everything throughout the day from family to work to community. Start with healthy food and exercise, and it will all be positive from there.”

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