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Missionary Spotlight: Get to Know OHI Missionary, Holly Butler

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When you’re an actress, the health of your body, mind, and spirit is essential to your success. Holly Butler moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting at a young age. “My bread and butter was working as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator,” said Holly. “I was very successful at that for over 25 years. The role required a very specific look, so I knew I had to take care of my body as an investment in my career. At one point, I had been in an accident and broken my femur, and that left me less active. I had gained weight as a result and wanted to reboot my healthy lifestyle. My partner, Steve, and I were both very invested in our long-term health, so when Steve’s sister recommended we go to OHI to jumpstart a clean diet, we listened. We first went to OHI San Diego in December 2014. I absolutely loved the experience. I thrived on the rigor of the program. Learning the science behind the detox cleanse and the raw plant-based diet was fascinating to me. I have been a vegan ever since.”

Holly was so inspired by her first OHI experience, she and her partner made it a priority to regularly return to OHI over the years. “We have spent time on both OHI campuses,” said Holly. “Over the past 10 years we’ve spent seven weeks as guests at San Diego and eight weeks as guests at Austin. Each time we arrived, I felt such excitement to reboot my diet and eat truly clean. I lost weight. My energy soared. My eyesight improved. My mood was elevated. I was happy for no reason at all — I felt inspired about life in general! Most of all, I felt good about myself and the direction that my health was taking with each returning visit. Spending time at OHI felt so good mentally and physically that I decided to apply to become a missionary. I spent twelve weeks on the Austin campus as a missionary and found it to be more fulfilling than I ever imagined.”

Holly expected she would learn more about other people’s health journeys in the role as missionary, but she found she learned quite a bit about herself as well. “I’ve always had an empathetic nature,” said Holly, “but I didn’t realize how great it would feel to be of service to others. The experience has really changed me for the better. I have learned how to support people no matter how difficult the situation or how uncomfortable the health challenge they were facing. I found joy in being a ‘giver’ even when I couldn’t solve the problem. I was surprised that people were just grateful for encouragement, and I appreciated that beautiful energy. After finishing my missionary program and returning to my day-to-day life working in real estate, I have now found an inner strength and confidence in my own judgement. I feel more comfortable managing people in my business, and I don’t shy away from navigating different personalities in uncomfortable situations. I learned about myself through caring for others, and I owe it all to OHI’s missionary program.”

Holly encourages OHI guests who feel drawn back to campus again and again to become a missionary. “Becoming a missionary is an incredible opportunity,” said Holly. “The friendships that I made while living here were so fulfilling. You really feel ‘seen’ when you are at OHI, and that is something quite unexpected. My three months here also helped me become more grounded both mentally and spiritually. It was the opportunity of a lifetime to go deep into my own self-care for three months.”

Holly’s advice for those applying to the missionary program is simple. “Realize that you’re going to be of service to others,” said Holly. “The time spent at OHI is the guest’s personal health journey, so completely give yourself over in support of that. Be flexible. Be open to whatever situation is put before you and find the best way you can help. Being a missionary is probably one of the most meaningful things you will ever do.”

Holly’s parting words about OHI are heartfelt and genuine. “My time at OHI is always inspiring,” said Holly. “But what makes OHI life-changing is that I always leave here with a plan of action for my self-care that will allow me to achieve my goals. Serving as a missionary gave me a renewed sense of purpose as I continue my lifetime journey of personal growth.”

“OHI is the best place to help you find your sense of purpose in life. The support, the education, the spirituality, and the kindness bring you such clarity and peace. I can’t recommend it enough. There is magic here.”

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