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Detoxify Your Way to a Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit

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When she hit 40 and realized she felt like someone twice her age, Regina knew it was time to clean up her act. Her joints ached, she couldn’t stand up straight, her brain was foggy and she was always tired. The wife, mom of three active girls and small business owner started her overhaul by detoxifying her body.

She took her entire family cold turkey off fast food, and substituted fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains. She received a rude awakening – the first few days she actually felt worse – but she stuck with it. By day four she was breathing more easily, and day seven was her biggest eye-opener. As she swung her legs out of bed and put her feet on the floor, she felt no pain for the first time in years. She stood up and walked –all her many pains were completely gone. Regina could think clearly again, and she had as much energy as her teen girls. She has dedicated herself to continuing to learn new ways to grow in health, and not just grow old.

By transitioning to a food plan of live, raw, organic vegan meals, you’re not just detoxifying your body – you’re adopting behaviors that will positively impact every area of your health, happiness and well-being.

Alkaline foods rich in fiber not only detoxify and nourish you – they keep your digestive tract running smoothly, too.

Chronic constipation has been medically proven to contribute to depression. When the body fails to eliminate waste products, nutrients essential for proper brain function can’t be digested and absorbed. Toxins from the accumulated waste can filter back into the system and cause irritability, anxiety, panic attacks and even insomnia.

Proper food combination is another important aspect of detoxifying the body. Eating two foods together that each have very different digestion times can create a toxic effect. For instance, a dense protein like avocado can take 2 to three hours to digest, while a melon is digested in about 30 minutes. The protein will keep the fruit in the stomach longer, causing it to ferment.

While healthy raw produce, and the way you combine foods, will help detoxify the body, it’s important to be aware of toxins in your environment, too. Everything you put on your body – shampoo, soap, moisturizers – is absorbed into your body. Even household cleaners, detergents and lawn and pool chemicals work their way into your system. Look for cleaner, more natural products as much as possible.

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