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How To Break Bad Habits

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“You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”

— Albert Einstein

There’s a funny thing about bad habits – you might not even be aware of the fact that you’re doing them until they’ve already become “encoded” into your daily routine.  Mindless eating, smoking, procrastinating, squandering hours in front of the television – pick your poison!  Whatever the nonproductive or harmful habitual behavior you’ve fallen into, as Einstein so simply yet eloquently stated, you’re going to have to do some serious mindful shifting to climb back out of that rut.

Lucky for you, the Optimum Health Institute (OHI) has at its very core the powerful resources you’ll need to substitute positive new behaviors for undesirable old ones. The Five P’s to Optimum Health  are ideal for breaking old habits.

1.  Purpose to achieve a natural balance and reconnection to the Divine.

There’s an entirely new branch of psychology, and it’s called, “Positive Psychology.”  Developed by Dr. Marty Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania, Positive Psychology has discovered we require three key things to be truly happy in our life – faith, friends, and a sense of purpose, or living a meaningful life. When we’re being of service in some way, whether on a global level or in our own family circle, we can feel that healing and empowering sense of purpose.

Particularly when an embedded habit is hampering your efforts to function on all cylinders, it is interfering with your ability to have as purposeful a life as possible. Realizing that shifting this behavior will bring you more into natural balance, and facilitate a stronger connection to your faith, are powerful motivators for kicking old habits and embracing new happiness and freedom.


2.  Positive mental attitude that supports the healing process. 

If you’re convinced you’re going to fail at kicking a bad habit, guess what?  You probably will.  Instead, a mental shift is in order. Don’t dwell on the past – reliving old hurts and failures can prevent healing in body, mind and spirit. And don’t waste time worrying about what might happen down the road.

Staying in the present moment and releasing your fear about the future increases your joy level, enhances your immune system and gives you the power of creation this very moment.  Be present, be thankful, and watch how quickly you can shift into a positive mental attitude that gives you the strength to stick to your goal!


3.  Persistence in following the holistic disciplines of the OHI program. 

The daily routine at OHI gives you such powerful resources to shift out of harmful old routines and embrace a healthy new lifestyle, free of embedded habits that derailed your good intentions.  Prayer for the strength to release destructive habits; contemplation about how the changes will make you a happier, healthier, more whole person; journaling to explore your deepest inner thoughts about why this habit attracted you in the first place, and the things you will replace it with; community with friends and guests to support you on this healing journey; quieting the mind to be able to make mindful, deliberate decisions; conscious breathing to energize the body, mind and spirit so healing can happen, celebrating each time you refrain from indulging in that habit you’re releasing. 

All of these holistic disciplines, and any of the others taught at OHI, when persistently followed, give you new strength to establish healthy new priorities in your life.


4.  Patience with your body and yourself, as you allow your body-mind-spirit to heal.

You didn’t develop these habits overnight.  You’re most likely not going to shed them overnight, either. Psychologists say it takes 21 days to establish a new habit, and at least that long to break an old one. During those weeks of change and healing, gently nurture your connection to God by focusing on feelings of gratitude, forgiveness and joy.

Impatience with yourself, and similar negative thinking, literally makes you sick by stimulating the production of toxic chemicals in your body. Dr. Candace Pert talks about the science of positive thinking in her brilliant work, “Molecules of Emotion,” which we carry in our OHI Store. When you do have a negative thought, before it can start triggering the production of toxins in your body, think, “Cancel!” Immediately remind yourself, “God loves me, and is patiently supporting me as I release these bad habits” and take just 10 seconds to breathe in God’s unconditional love and grace.  You’ll not only neutralize any negativity and grant yourself patience – you’ll actually be setting healing in motion.


5.  Prayer to a higher source who will share the load with you.  

As with all things, asking for God’s help in achieving your heart’s desire is the most powerful tool you can use.  Particularly when you’re making major changes in your life, like healing old bad habits, instead of setting aside a time or two each day to pray, shift your attitude about your connection with God.  See yourself on “speed dial,” with a constant open line to the Creator.  Make each moment, each breath, a sincere prayer for strength, wisdom, courage, guidance and grace.  With God, all things are possible – particularly when all lines of communication with Him are wide open.

In addition to the strength and guidance you will find in using the Five P’s To Optimum Health, know that OHI’s facilitators and missionaries are here to support you in your efforts, and your successes.

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