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Attitude of Gratitude

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Every night before you fall asleep, think of the three most wonderful things that happened that day. You will automatically cultivate an “attitude of gratitude.” Instead of wondering what can go wrong today, you’re already focusing on what’s going to go right. You will be anticipating, and then experiencing, a steady flow of things to feel grateful about – day after happy day.

Plato said: “A grateful mind is a great mind which eventually attracts to itself great things.” By being thankful for the good things you have, you’ll automatically attract more.

Gratitude is the parent of all spiritual virtues in Judeo-Christian tradition. Both Old and New Testaments are filled with verses encouraging the faithful to have grateful hearts, and express gratitude for their blessings.

Gratitude does more than nurture the spirit – it has mental, emotional and even physical benefits.

Studies show grateful people are happier and more satisfied in both their personal and professional lives, have more positive relationships, and are quicker to forgive. They’re less stressed, jealous, depressed and anxious, and more likely to “not sweat the little things.”

Those who choose to feel and express gratitude, in general, experience greater psychological well-being than those who focus on the negatives. This gives grateful people better ways of coping with challenges, and more ability to learn and grow from these experiences. They tend to have more self-respect and a greater sense of purpose in their lives, which fosters a more positive attitude.

The body also benefits from a conscious attitude of gratitude. Those who are more optimistic and grateful experience fewer sleep disorders, better immune function and even a healthier heart rate – all measurable side benefits of thankfulness.

Prove it to yourself, and tonight, review the three things for which you felt the most gratitude today. You’ll probably immediately experience a deeper, more restful sleep tonight, and eagerly start your day tomorrow on the lookout for still more positive things to reflect on tomorrow night.

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