Who we are

The Optimum Health Institute (OHI) is a healing ministry of the Free Sacred Trinity Church, which promotes healing through the use of non-medical, all-natural, holistic healing practices.

As a healing ministry, it provides 2 holistic healing centers in central Texas and southern California. People of all spiritual traditions are welcome at OHI Austin or OHI San Diego to participate in our holistic healing program that emphasizes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Free Sacred Trinity Church
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The Free Sacred Trinity Church (FSTC) is a non-denominational, Christian church rooted in Judeo-Christian doctrine. The mission of the Free Sacred Trinity Church is to: 

  • Create holistic healing programs to a broken world in need of healing. 
  • Commission healing missions such as the Optimum Health Institute to teach the Church’s holistic healing program. 
  • Ordain ministers committed to serving God through a ministry of healing. 

The Free Sacred Trinity Church believes that by cleansing and detoxifying the body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit (I Co 6:19), quieting and focusing the mind (Ro 12:2), and practicing spiritual disciplines, one comes into wholeness from the Holy Spirit within. From this point of wholeness, we are prepared to receive the grace of God and heal.

Church creed

The Free Sacred Trinity Church is a religious organization based on the Judeo-Christian traditions. Through the establishment of Holistic Health Centers, as Missions of the Church, FSTC promotes spiritual and physical healing through the teachings about mind, body, and spiritual beliefs as stated in the Bible. We believe in serving humanity through the teachings of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Within the Church, we follow a way of spiritual growth and development, becoming whole in theological discipline, seeking the Holy Spirit within. We believe that each of the faithful of the church is following a pathway provided by our Heavenly Father. From many different and varied faiths and religious experiences, from all histories and traditions, we learn from one another. We believe that each of the faithful seeks oneness with God. We seek the union of all with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Public inspection

For information about non-profit status of the Free Sacred Trinity Church and its mission, the Optimum Health Institute, read more.


The Optimum Health Institute, as a mission of the Free Sacred Trinity Church, prepares individuals to receive healing.  

Our mission

We will serve as a change agent for humankind by improving the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of everyone we touch. 

Core values of Optimum Health Institute

Holism, Generosity, Relationships, Life-Long Learning, Stewardship and Service 

Guiding principles

Trustworthiness, Respect, Empowerment and Alignment 

The five p’s to optimum health

Purpose to achieve a natural balance and reconnection to the Divine
Positive mental attitude that supports the healing process
Persistence in following the holistic disciplines of the OHI holistic healing program
Patience with your body and yourself as you allow your body, mind, and spirit to heal
Prayer to a higher source who will share the load with you.

Our beliefs

We believe that God created humans as holistic beings with an integrated body, mind, and spirit. We believe we can achieve optimum health when the body is purified, the mind is quieted, and the spirit is renewed. From that place of total integration and wholeness, people are then able to strengthen their connection to God, and are transformed to receive optimum health. 

We honor the virtues of love, peace, forgiveness, self-reliance, accountability and true service. We believe these values enable us to achieve a natural balance, a reconnection to God, and to cross the bridge to our spiritual path. 


Three decades ago, several dedicated people from different traditions were drawn together in unity to help others in their need for healing.

Raychel Solomon met Robert P. Nees, Sr. and his wife Pamela while learning about God-centered mental techniques for healing the whole person. The classes were taught by Robert’s brother, the Rev. Russell Nees an ordained Presbyterian minister. The three learned how to use the mind as a powerful force for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation.

We believe the Holy Spirit called Raychel, Robert and Pam to create Hippocrates West – a not-for-profit body, mind, and spirit healing center. The healing program at Hippocrates West combined the mental and spiritual disciplines taught by Rev. Russell Nees with Essene-based dietary and cleansing practices taught at Hippocrates of Boston.

Soon the founders of Hippocrates West recognized the need for a stronger spiritual base in their healing program. As such, they transferred the assets of Hippocrates West to the Free Sacred Trinity Church (FSTC) – a Christian church rooted in Essene traditions. The original healing center became a Mission of FSTC, and its name was changed to the Health Institute of San Diego in 1977. In 1983, the name was changed to the Optimum Health Institute.

By 2006, the Optimum Health Institute, as the primary healing ministry of FSTC, has helped over 150,000 people. Supporting the Church’s doctrine of unity, and putting biblical truths into action and service, the Optimum Health Institute provide a safe environment for inquirers, adherents, and people of all traditions to heal in body, mind, and spirit at one of it’s healing centers in the San Diego and Austin areas.

  • Robert Nees, Jr.

    Senior Pastor, FSTC Board of Elders Chairman

    OHI community member since 1993

    "To be witness to the healing of so many through the grace of God and the joy, beauty and courage of the human spirit in our community is the most meaningful and humbling experience of my life."

  • Larry Taylor

    FSTC Board of Elders, President, Ordained Deacon

    OHI community member since 1997

    "As a Board Member for FSTC, it has been an honor and a gift to reside over its healing Missions. It has strengthened my belief in the importance of applying holistic approaches to both health and in the guidance of these Missions. Their achievements have been the result of the combined efforts of each individual."

  • Chet Swenson

    FSTC Board of Elders, Lay Minister

    OHI community member since 1998

     "Being an FSTC Board Member since 1998 has been a real honor and privilege. Witnessing the life changing impact of the body, mind, spirit program on our missions' guests has been a true blessing. Making a difference in people’s lives has been enriching and fulfilling."

  • Kent Graham

    FSTC Board of Elders, Lay Minister

    OHI community member since 2002

    "Having been associated with FSTC for over 15 years has been one of the most rewarding and meaningful experiences of my life. Meeting so many guests of the OHI Missions and witnessing firsthand the positive impact on their lives has been as fulfilling as it has been a privilege. Joining the FSTC Board and the incredible FSTC family enables me to continue to give back to the personnel, program and practice in which I firmly believe." 

  • Scott Matthews

    FSTC Board of Elders, Lay Minister

    OHI community member since 2012

    "I feel honored to be part of the OHI Community, not only as an FSTC Board Member but as an OHI Guest. Experiencing the OHI Program and being part of the OHI Community has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. My service on the FSTC Board allows me to give back and support OHI - a noble mission I truly believe in." 

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We consider applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, or any other legally protected status. However, we are a drug-free and smoke-free workplace. OHI or FSTC may use the information given in the application to investigate the applicant's previous employment and background.

The Application for Employment will be considered inactive after 90 days. If you wish to be considered after that time, you must complete a new Application for Employment.

Spiritual Disciplines

In the Judeo Christian tradition, spiritual disciplines are a means of receiving the grace of God. They enable us to do what we cannot do on our own. By practicing spiritual disciplines, we cultivate a life in which God can bring growth, change, and transformation. Typically, spiritual disciplines are divided into two categories – internal and external. Some examples are listed below:

Internal / abstinence

  • Solitude: Be absent from others so you can be present with God
  • Silence: Quiet your voice and the voices of others, so you can listen for the voice of God
  • Fasting: Be aware of yourself and the needs of others; focus your heart on God
  • Frugality: Remove your desire for luxury and devote your resources to serving God and others
  • Secrecy: Let go of external recognition and find acceptance from God
  • Sacrifice:Give up self-security and put total trust in God

External / engagement

  • Prayer: Converse with God : Ask, listen, and open your life to change
  • Study: Change your way of thinking, your way of knowing and pursue God's truth
  • Worship: Experience the greatness of God in everything and everybody
  • Celebration: Rejoice in the goodness of God and live your life in gratitude
  • Fellowship: Gather with others to share love, joy, and encouragement
  • Service: Serve others and free yourself from arrogance and judgment
  • Submission: Be honest, open, and accountable to God and others
  • Confession: Acknowledge your offenses and find freedom in forgiveness

Practicing spiritual disciplines helps affirm your belief in God, enabling you to witness transformation in yourself and others in a community of faith, hope, and love.